Why Japtrans

You want to expand your business? Increase your revenue?

Think: Japan.

With a GDP of almost 40,000 USD per capita, and an economy of 5 trillion USD, Japan is the 3rd largest economy in the world, already a market leader in many industries, such as High-Tech, Electronics, Transportation, Steel and Services.   In other words, a natural target for any growing business.   Although the country is business oriented, doing business in Japan is not easy for foreign companies or individuals. Beyond the language and cultural barriers that still surround the island nation, high walls of bureaucracy and regulation make every such endeavor a challenge.

That’s where we come in.

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Our Services

Japanese Translation

JapTrans offers highly proffesional translations between Japanese-English-Hebrew. May it be a full website, a technical document or a short email...

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Website localization

Interested in a unique look for the Japanese version of your website? Mere translation of a western website is never enough. In order to get through to the unique taste...

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Ecommerce & Marketing

Have a great website, but don't get enough Japanese traffic? JapTrans offers the tools and means to drive Organic, Paid, Affiliate and Social Media traffic to your Desktop and Mobile...

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Business development

Have a great product but don't know how to reach potential distributors and business partners in Japan? Let us do the ground work for you using our extensive network of...

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